Located in the center of Northern New Jersey, Parsippany is 35 miles west of New York City and 42 miles east of Pennsylvania. Moreover, Newark International Airport is only 30 minutes away by car from Parsippany. All of these geographical advantages have transformed Parsippany into a preeminent business center.rsippany, the best place to live in New Jersey."
As highlighted in "Parsippany Life" newspaper: " ...according to "Money" magazine's 2006 Best Places to Live list, the number one spot -- at least in New Jersey -- and number 17 in the nation is Morris County's own Parsippany-Troy Hills." The Parsippany Area Visitor center provides newcomers with the information they need to conduct business and secure services in the Parsippany Area.

Parsippany has a blend of corporate headquarters, office/business parks, and firms involved in research and development. This translates into many Fortune 500 Companies with a headquarters offices or major facility (over 400 with more than 100 employees) located here, several million square feet of office space.

The leading industries in the surrounding area include Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Health Services, Research and Development, and High Technology in both hardware and software development. Some of top Fortune 500 companies located in Parsippany include:

  • Realogy Corporation

  • Mercedes-Benz

  • Avis Budget Group

  • Intel Corporation

  • General Motors

  • AT&T
  • Core Technology

  • Villager Franchise Systems

Parsippany is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the New York metropolitan region with an area of 23.94 square miles and according to the U.S. Census Bureau a year 2000 population of 50,649.

Parsippany keeps its talented workforce of 33,000 people and retains its businesses by offering a high level quality of life. This includes outstanding family recreation programs, town parks, and county parks that offer nature walks and sports fields. The town's two golf courses are supplemented by five public and private courses. The town's three libraries are part of the Morris County Library System (all can accessed by the Internet) and have over 172,000 volumes. Moreover, Parsippany offers a diverse choice of both public and private schools that consistently rank in the top school systems in the state. Finally, this is complemented with a collection of universities and colleges with undergraduate and graduate programs offered in the greater Parsippany area.

Parsippany is a caring community with parks and memorials to remember and organizations to take action to make a better community.

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